Norwegian Spekeskinke mooncake - A Yunnan specialty

I have thought about bake my own mooncakes for a while. Since then, I came up with many ideas of what type of mooncake I should make. This one was not on top of my list until I realised if I were ever going to make mooncakes by myself, I should make the one that I craved most. The reason why I haven’t though about baking this mooncake is because for hundreds of years, this recipe have sourced ham from city Xuanwei in northern Yunnan. Not only that, the dough is mixed with lard and rye flour made from a town outside of Kunming. All of the key ingredients are sourced locally, we used to say that is what makes an authentic Yunnan ham dough mooncake. Although there are many obstacles, I decided I should just be creative and open about the ingredients, try with things I could source locally instead. I found some Norwegian ham that has a good portion of fat on, I used cow butter instead of lard. It was a good investment on my 3 hours time, I ate two of them the moment they were done, and I decided to make more of them the next day, because they were so delicious!!

Cooking time:

  • 3 hours


  • 16 mooncakes


For the filling:

  • 235g spekeskinke

  • 100g flour

  • 75g honey

  • 55g sugar

  • 75g butter

For inside layer butter dough:

  • 180g flour

  • 90g butter

For outer layer dough:

  • 205g flour

  • 54g butter

  • 21g sugar

  • 96g warm water

For preparation:

For the filling:

  • Place ham slices into a flat plate, set on to steam for 10 minutes until ham are cooked.

  • Take out ham, cut into small bits.

  • In a bowl, add ham bits, honey, and sugar. Mix well. Set in fridge and rest.

  • Use a dry wok pan or non stick pan to fry the flour on medium heat. Until flour become a bit darken colour and the aroma comes out.

  • Rest flour for about 5 minutes, take out the ham mixture, use a refine to pour the flour slowly into the bowl. Stir evenly. Add in butter. stir and mix evenly.

  • Separate the filling into 30 gram small portions and roll them into small balls. Set in a flat plate, cover with plastic foil. Rest in fridge.

For the inside layer butter dough:

  • Mix flour and butter in a large bowl. Mix until all butter have melted and dough is soften. Set aside, cover with a wet cloth.

For the outside layer dough:

  • Mix flour and butter first. Slowly add in sugar while mixing. At last, slowly pour in room temperature water. Mix all until dough become very soft. It takes approximately 10 minutes.

  • Separate into small portions, each portion 21 grams. Roll them into small balls. Set to side on a flat plate with a wet cloth on top.

  • Separate butter dough into 15 grams portions. Roll them into small balls. Set to side with outside layer dough.

  • Take one outside later dough, press it with your palm into a flat round shape. Add one butter dough in the middle, use the outside layer to cover the butter dough complete. Roll into a larger ball. Repeat until all doughs are mixed.

  • Press on the ball with your palm. Make a long oval shape with a rolling pin. Then use your hand to roll it up from the bottom to top into a long roll. Repeat until all is done.

  • Cover all long rolls with a wet cloth. Rest for 15 minutes.

  • Take out one long roll. Set it vertically towards your. Press with your palm, then use a rolling pin to roll the dough from top to toe into another long oval shape. Roll up again into another roll. This time the roll should appear to be shorter. Repeat.

  • Cover up all rolls with a wet cloth. Rest for 20 minutes.


For the mooncake:

  • Bring filling out from fridge.

  • Place one dough on the table. Press with your thumb in the middle of the dough, then use another hand to make a tight closure on two top ends of dough. Press with your palm to make a flat shape, then use rolling pin to roll it into a thin, round shape.

  • Take one filling in dough. Pull the dough upwards to cover all the filling. Make a tight closure. Shape into a cute round shape bun. Repeat.

  • Pre heat oven to 170 degrees.

  • Set mooncakes on oven plate.

  • Dip a chopstick into red colouring, press on top of the mooncakes.

  • Set mooncakes into oven. 18 minutes.

  • Take them out, flip all to back side. 8 minute.

  • Take them out, flip all back to the front side. Bake for another 8 minutes.

  • Turn off the oven. Take mooncakes out. Rest.

  • Decorate and separate mooncakes into tupperware. Keep in fridge.

For the service:

  • Take out mooncakes 30 minutes before serving.

  • Best to serve alone as desert or breakfast.


  • Invest good time on your out layer dough, until they are very smooth and soft, you will see the positive result at the end.

  • keep doughs moistened at all time.

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