Smooth & creamy Matcha ice cream. Make it with three simple steps.


I am a big fan of Matcha flavoured products, rather than drinking matcha tea. Especially matcha flavour ice cream, the taste of matcha adds little bit of bitterness and freshness to sweet ice cream, they are not as sweet as other ice creams. I made this ice cream because my partner loves ice cream, every Sunday he would ran to nearby 711 to get some ice cream for us. I really would love for him to try some matcha flavoured ice cream, I decide to make some on my own. The recipe is from a Japanese cook book, thought I should share with you.

This recipe is very simple, only 3 steps, though, you need to carefully proceed each step. As long as you pay attention to the small details in each process, in the end you will for sure love this tasty matcha ice cream.

Cooking time:

  • 20 minutes

Processing time:

  • 5 hours


  • 8-10 portions


  • 3 egg yolk

  • 80g sugar

  • 250ml cream

  • 20g matcha powder

For preparation:

  • Put 3 egg yolk in a deep bowl, add in 80 grams of sugar, whisk with a hand mixer on high speed, about 3 minutes, stop and check the state of mixture, until you see they become creamy, raise the mixer heard, you will see the mixture falls slowly back into the bowl.

  • In another deep bowl, add cream, hold a sieve in one hand, use another hand to add 1/3 of matcha powder, whisk matcha powder slowly into heavy cream, stir clockwise with a hand whisk slowly so the matcha powder could melt into the cream. Repeat until all matcha powder have melted in the mixture. Use hand mixer, in low speed until they become light and fluffy then stop. Do not over whisk.

  • Slowly pour matcha cream mixture into egg yolk mixture, stir evenly clockwise.

  • Pour mixture into a large bowl or ice cream maker, cover with lid. Set in freezer for at least 5 hours.

For service:

  • Serve with your favourite chocolate or nuts.


  • Reduce the amount of Matcha powder in case you wish for a lighter taste.

Michelle Zhao