Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice cream was something I been planning to write before easter holiday. Funny thing was when I made them some weeks ago, I used rice flour instead of glutinous rice flour without reading the label.(do not make that mistake when you are planning your grocery shopping :))The whole thing has postponed since then, I made some new ones last week, and I was very pleased with the results, I just needed some time to write them down….

I’ve been making my own mochi since last year, I’ve tried with different fillings including ice cream, whipped cream, fruits… They are really cute and I love spending time on rolling them. Every time I made about 15 of them and they are gone within the next few days!! I couldn’t resist to snack on them all the time. Especially the ones with whipped cream, yum!!!! Prepare these for your friends gathering, I´m sure everyone would love them!!!

Recipe for the dough I got from researching online, they are many different versions, and I´ve tried some of them. This one is a simple recipe with ingredients that are easy to find for everyone. You could add anything you like as filling, I even tried with homemade ice cream. If you plan on doing that, I recommend to prepare the ice cream one day before.


They are quite easy to prepare, allow yourself some extra time if it is first time you preparing food with glutinous rice, they could be difficult to handle at beginning. Here are some tips:

  • I strongly not recommend to prepare them without gloves, don’t ask me why….

  • You could use coconut milk or water instead of milk. Depends on the flavour you wish for.

  • You could also use corn starch instead of extra glutinous rice flour. Though, I prefer to use glutinous rice flour in this case because I didn’t like that raw starchy flour taste on my mochi.

  • Kneading the dough is for giving the dough extra strength so they won’t break easily when you wrap them. I did it by squeezing and forming the dough in my hands.

  • Roll the wrappers with a thin rolling pin.

  • Clip off excess dough after you have formed your mochi, dip the bottom in extra flour. You would get a more even, flat bottom. I didn’t cut them in my case.

  • For the whipped cream filling, simply fill the mochi with whipped cream. Always keep low temperature on the cream, as I notice they become too soft towards the end and it could be quite fussy to place them on the wrapper.

  • Before you serve them, allow them to sit in room temperature for app.10 minutes.

Mochi Ice cream.jpg
Michelle Zhao