Fresh Noodles (Pasta Machine)

I have been experimenting different ways to mix flour in order to deliver good homemade noodles. This recipe is the best one I tested so far and I actually used typo 0 pizza flour from Møllerens for it, mixed with some cornstarch. The noodles came out with very good texture, which I found excellent to use for Japanese style Ramen soup. Ramen is a Japanese soup dish with thick broth and wheat noodles. With it’s Chinese root, which we call “Lamian” in China, literal translation “pulled noodles”. They were made by professionals by twisting, stretching and pulling the dough into noodles. Modern days they are mostly produced by machines, you could also find restaurants that serving  traditional hand pulled noodles in every Chinese city. This recipe is without eggs, later on I am planning to test the same recipe with either another type of flour or potato starch, I will write an update to this post if the result turns better. If you reside in Norway, you could use the exact measurements written in this recipe. Bread flour is also ideal for this recipe.

I forgot to take pictures of the noodles, was so hungry we rushed them into boiling water. The pictures for this post are our dinner made with Japanese style Chashu pork and chicken broth I made and kept in freezer, topped with egg, bean sprout, bamboo shoot and green onion. For recipe of the chicken soup, click here.

Cooking time:

  • 50 minutes


  • 2


  • 220g typo 0 flour

  • 30g cornstarch

  • 145ml water

  • 3g baking soda

  • 3g salt

  • 20-30g extra flour

For preparation:

  • Mix baking soda and salt with water.

  • In a large bowl, Add in flour through a sieve. Then gradually pour in water to flour while stirring. Take breaks and check to make aure you do not add too much water.

  • Knead the dough for approximately 3-4 minutes, until it appears roughly dry and forms into a dry dough. For this type of noodles you do not need to work until the doigh is soft and smooth. 

  • Cover with lid, let it rest for 20 minutes.

  • Meanwhile prepare your pasta machine.

  • Take out the dough and separate into four small pieces, knead until it forms into a round flat shape that would fit pasta machine.

  • Scroll the dough through pasta machine, sprinkle flour on both side each time after dough has been flattened and stretched. By doing this you will manage to keep the dough dry through out the whole process.

  • Repeat rolling the dough until dial number 5,  then chang the setting to the other side where you could form the pasta into noodles. Let the dough roll through the pasta machine quickly. Then sprinkled flour on your noodles before placing them on plate  to keep them dry, otherwise they will stick together.

  • Once you complete all four doughs, boil the noodles for approximately 2 minutes. Drain and cool down with cold water to wash away excess flour before serving.


  • For each portion I usually use flour mix of 125 grams. It fills a large noodle bowl.

  • For pasta machine I used Marcato Altas 180. In case you wonder what I meant by dial number.5. 

  • Uncooked noodles could keep fresh in refrigerator for up to 2 days. Keep them sealed in boxes or bags. Note that they would take a bit longer time to cook than freshly made noodles.

  • Use cold water to mix your dough.

Michelle Zhao