Quick Soybean Snack

Quick Soybean Snack

Do you often visit Ramen or Sushi restaurants? Then this dish needs no more introduction, we oder them as an appetiser. It is a tradition to serve steamed soya beans on Mid-autum festival in Chinese culture. Besides that, peeled soybeans often appears in Chinese wok dishes combined with sweetcorn and paprika. They are delicious, nutritious and quite addictive for the incredible joy of sucking the beans out from their pods. If you visit China, you will find them also served on top of a bucket of ice with soya sauce dip in night clubs and karaoke bars as complementary side dish for guests, they are perfect combination to cold beer. In Bergen, I love to have them on the side to my dinner, sometimes as evening snack while relaxing and watching a movie in my sofa, good alternative to substitute chips and candy.

cooking time:

  • 5-10 minutes


  • 2


  • 100g frozen soybean

  • 1 spoon Lee Kun Kee chilli bean sauce

  • 1 pinch of sea salt

For preparation:

  • De-freeze soybeans in microwave together with small cup of water on the side, heat in medium heat 5 minuets.

  • Take out soybeans, add chilli bean paste, stir until chilli pate covers beans evenly.

  • pour the mixture on a small plate, top with salt.

For the β€œclub” version - works as well when you host friends gathering:

  • Prepare some crushed ice cubes, place them in a big bowl, or an ice bucket.

  • De-freeze soybeans in microwave medium heat 3 minutes.

  • Place the beans on top of ice, throw in some cucumber sticks if you happen to have some.

  • In a small sauce plate, add in some soya sauce, top with sea salt and sesame seeds

For service:

  • Place another small plate on the side for empty pods.

  • Advise your guests not to eat the pods by accident, it happens, more often than I could think of!!


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