Beef Rice Noodle Soup

Last weekend my partner came home from food shopping with a bag of beef from Meny’s ‘soon out of date’ shelf and asked if I could prepare dinner with it. It was a bag of beef round stake. Well, we will have to braised it, I thought, how about beef rice noodle soup then? We haven’t done it for some time. I found some basic braise ingredients and began cooking.

The whole process was really easy, the stakes came in two large pieces so I didn´t have to cut any thing. I placed them in a large pot and filled up with cold water to bring to boil. After water came to boiling I let them cooked for about 3 minutes before I poured water out and rinsed away all the blood form. I place the stake back to the pot again and added water to cover, slowly simmered them with all ingredients. After a stroll in the city we came home with a pot of delicious beef stew that’s ready for making noodle soup.

For the noodle soup, it was made very simple. I boiled dried riced noodles and chopped different ingredients to add in. Every ingredients was in my head without doubt, I´ve seen my parents done it and I have done it so many times. This is exactly the type of food my family would prepare on the weekends. I hope you will enjoy too.


beef rice noodle soup-1.jpg