Kunming Style Beef Rice Noodle Soup

My mouth was drooing every time when I see Georgia Freedman´s recent posts of Yunnan food, luckily I bought some beef short ribs, let’s get them cooking!

In Kunming, the best beef noodle soup you could find are usually run by local muslin Hui minorities. They are famous for the thick broth, spicy and tender large dices of beef, lots of pepper mint and fermented pickles.

How do you prepare it? To start with, you need to select the correct cut in order to deliver a flavourful, gravy broth, parts such as short rib, chuck, oxtail(especially for clear broth), and fatty brisket are ideal for the mission. I would normally just get around 2 kilos of meat, cook and freeze for later. The recipe given below is based on approximately 1.4 kilos of boneless meat.

Few tips:

  • Be patient on the first steps with soaking beef in cold water, boiling and rinse before finally cooking them. They will help to discard almost all the excess blood in the beef, you won’t regret it when the stew is done.

  • Do not over heat the pan while you melting sugar. It will result in burning sugar, brings bitter taste instead. Stir occasionally and observe through the process.

Kunming Style beef noodle soup.jpg