Two Course Dinner Under 45 Minutes

When I was a student, my parents would prepare a two or three courses meal for dinner before I arrive home from school. Last week I prepared some dishes that are typically made by my parents: braised eggplant(酱爆茄子) and Tofu meat balls(豆腐丸子). These delicious dishes plus steaming rice took me about 45 minutes in total.

I started by setting my rice on rice cooker, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes to steam rice. After that I cut the eggplants to long, thick slices and soaked them in water with one spoon vinegar for about 5-10 minutes. I chopped and prepared all the ingredients needed for this dish during this before I drained and eggplants. After I got all ingredients ready, I started to prepare for my second dish, I chopped tofu into small bites, mix them with minced pork, ginger, green onion, egg, corn starch, white pepper and soy sauce in a blender, pause 5-6 times then blend to a fine mix. Now I have both dishes ready for cooking. I filled a medium size pot with app 600ml water and started to boil water, meanwhile I heated a frying pan and started to fry the eggplants. Once the water came boiling, I rolled the minced pork in my palm to large meatballs and dropped them into boiling water. They take about 5-8 minutes to boiling, which gives me time to fry the eggplants for second time. Once the meat ball are ready, I added pakchoy and turn off heat.

Dinner is ready 🙂

Braised Eggplant.jpg
tofu meatballs.jpg