Saliva Chicken

Saliva Chicken, a literal translation from Chinese `口水鸡`. The actual meaning is mouthwatering chicken. Why? Because of the mouth tingling feeling you get while having this dish, also because you mouth would starting watering every time you crave for this dish once you´ve tasted it. You must be talking about Sichuan peppercorn? Yes! This is a Sichuan specialty dish 🙂 Usually served as cold starter in Sichuan cuisine.

Few tips about preparing this dish:

  • Buy chicken thighs with skin on, would give extra flavour while boiling the chicken. In Norway sometimes they take away the skins from deboned chicken thighs. One trick is to buy a whole chicken, I prefer it this way sometimes because I could make so many dishes out of one whole chicken.

  • Do not over cook the chicken, we usually boil them for 5 minutes and then turn off heat and let chicken soak in the hot water for about 20 minutes. However I do not recommend this especially if you are cooking with frozen chicken.

  • Soak the chicken in ice water until completely cooled. This will help chicken remain juicy and easier for you to cut without breaking them into pieces.

  • Always recommend to use home made chili oil.


Saliva chicken.jpg