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I am Michelle, creator and editor of No Sweet Sour, I grew up in Kunming, capital city of southern Chinese province Yunnan. Yunnan cuisine is usually infused with chilli taste, has its own distinguish style at the same time shows influences by neighbour provinces and countries, Sichuan and Thailand to name a few. I have been a food enthusiastic since I was a little girl, I stood in the my family kitchen to observe my family prepare food and hoped to learn some tricks, in fact I often had to prepare meals for myself when my parents are away. I moved to Austria when I was 18, since then, I often prepared my hometown cuisine whenever I miss familiar taste of home. Currently based in Bergen, prepare home made food became one of the things I spent most of my free time on, because there are not many restaurants offering Chinese food that are truly representing Chinese cuisine. The name No Sweet Sour is inspired by interpretation/definition of Chinese cuisine in many places outside of China.

The purpose of this site is to share recipes of my home made meals, since I have been asked so often by my friends here in Norway, I decide to make a site for all of you to get a clear sight on the process of preparation. They are simple to prepare on your own or to share with your loved ones. The recipes will have a focus on sourcing local Norwegian ingredients and seasonal vegetables, then add a bit of twist with typical Chinese spices to make them into a meal that my family and friends from China would prepare in their daily life. They will also have an emphasis on to make things from the scratch, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds, and the taste, of course, much better. Through the recipes I publish on this site, I hope to help you get a glimpse of our food culture and the thoughts behind each meal.

There will be updates of Asian-fusion and international cuisine recipes occasionally. In case you love spicy food, you will be able to find various of choices here as well. All of those are my personal favourites.

Letโ€™s get started :)