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No Sweet Sour

I am Michelle, creator and editor of No Sweet Sour. I was born and raised in Kunming, capital city of southern Chinese province Yunnan. I moved to Vienna when I was 18, after one year, I adapted my appetite completely to “western food” because I was curious about new things and also because I felt I had to explain to people about Chinese food. Bergen became my new home in 2012, time passed by I started to realise if I don’t start to explain to people about my own cuisine, who is going to? Chinese food is my heritage, I should feel proud to present it to my friends and people in the world.

The original purpose of this site was to share recipes of Chinese homestyle dish to my friends in Norway, also to encourage and challenge myself to create dishes that seemed impossible to me before. I use the blog and instagram as a way to connect and document everything I create. I am learning by doing, my biggest advantage is I am passionate about cooking and I am always interested in learning new things. It is absolutely the most rewarding feeling when I see significant developments from where I started in late 2018. Some of the dishes I share are Yunnan cuisine, dishes in my opinion that deserve more recognition and exposure. Yunnan cuisine is usually infused with chilli taste. It also has its own signature style at the same time influenced by neighbouring provinces and countries, Sichuan and Thailand to name a few. The recipes fare focused on using local Norwegian ingredients and seasonal vegetables, add twist with typical Chinese spices to transform them into a meal that my family and friends in China would prepare in their daily life. They also have an emphasis on making things from the scratch, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds, and the taste, of course, is much better.

As the instagram feed became more successful, I started to move my work into hosting pop-ups, private dinner parties and teaching classes whilst sharing on my social media channels on daily basis. I travel to other cities to visit Chinese restaurants in different cities and share my food moments with my followers.

I have just started this journey, but I already found myself absolutely in love with what I am doing. I get inspired and encourage to cook by looking at a scrumptious photo of food from others, I hope my blog will have the same effect on you.

Let’s get started :)